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Self and Social Intelligence

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“It is very important to understand that emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence, it is not the triumph of heart over head, it is the unique intersection of both”

This is where our heart lies.... the belief and passion that we will strive to do anything to support our children is the definition of Stephenson Memorial.  We believe that ‘behaviours’ in whatever form, are a child’s communication to us as adults.  It is up to us to rebuild, repair and rescue our children when anxiety and stress hit.  Using the Thrive approach, we aim to allow our children the opportunity to self regulate and become emotionally balanced.  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs talks through the different stages that children go through emotionally, and if one of these blocks are missing, irregularity in emotions can occur.  The thrive approach equips us with the knowledge, and steps to go through, to plug these emotional gaps.  

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We ‘thrive assess’ all of our children in order to support their emotional needs.  This has to be done, before academic barriers can be broken down.  At Stephenson we then provide individualised thrive pathways for our children.  If our children are struggling, we will change our methods and strategies in order for them to succeed. Thrive is the foundation on which our school is built.

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Our Stephenson Foundation Support Offer

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