At Stephenson Memorial Primary School we want our our English curriculum to enable our children to: 

  • Enjoy speaking, listening, reading and writing;

  • Be inspired by what they have read, written and discussed;

  • Develop their ideas by captivating their imaginations; 

  • Build on, acquire and communicate their knowledge, including in other areas of the curriculum. 

Through using REAL projects to drive learning at Stephenson we provide a purposeful, exciting and engaging curriculum in order to prepare our children for their next steps in their learning journey. A book-based approach is used with every year group having a quality text linked to their project to read, enjoy and use as a stimulus for Literacy work where links meaningful and not tenuous. To ensure a broad and balance experience of reading is gained by our children, we also provide further age appropriate and quality texts of the genre they are learning; this allows our children to be exposed to multiple quality examples of the genre, which supports learning and progress by depending their understanding of purpose and audience, language, vocabulary and appreciation of literacy heritage. Purposeful and carefully sequenced lessons are planned in order to support and guide our children in developing skills in the English curriculum, gain a growing awareness of the world around them and promote positive learner qualities to build a life long love and appreciation of learning, reading and writing. The importance and love for reading is promoted at every opportunity, promoting high aspirations for all. 

Click on the year groups below to see the curriculum coverage, which is used for long term planning. 

Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 16.34.42.png

In order to ensure that children have a broad and balanced English curriculum, we have a progressive curriculum map to outline the genres covered across school. It ensures children are exposed to a range of genres across their primary school journey with opportunities to revisit genres and extend and develop their knowledge and understanding. 

Each year group then has a curriculum document to support planning, which is used alongside the National Curriculum.   Click on the year groups below to see their map. 

At Stephenson Memorial we use Spelling Shed to support the teaching of spelling. Our spelling scheme is therefore in line with the Spelling Shed scheme. This scheme matches the National Curriculum and staff use this to ensure all children receive the spellings they are required to learn alongside any spelling rules and patterns that each child needs in order to progress in their learning.