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Designated Safeguarding Lead - Kerry Lilico 

Deputy Safeguarding Leads:
Clare Garrett
Stephanie Pawlett (Maternity)
Gemma Wynn
Lynsey Carr
Jackie Glazzard
Clare Sowa
All of our teachers are 
The best way to contact your child's teacher is via Seesaw.
Senior Leadership Team
Kerry Lilico - Acting Executive Headteacher 
Clare Garrett - Deputy Headteacher 
Stephanie Pawlett - Deputy Headteacher (SEND)

Early Years Team
Laura Angus - Nursery Teacher
Abby Grant - Nursery Teaching Assistant 
Kayley Marshall - Nursery Teaching Assistant 
Alex Baker - Nursery Teaching Assistant 
Shesha Kordikara - Nursery Teaching Assistant 

Kirsty Spreadbury - Reception Teacher

Michael Wolfe - Reception Teacher  
Fiona Ross - Reception Teaching Assistant
Rachael Storey - Reception Teaching Assistant 
Year One Team
Judith Fraser - Teacher
Lucy Hay - Teacher
Louise Debenham - Teaching Assistant
Adrienne Beveridge - Teaching Assistant 
Deborah Rowland - Teaching Assistant 
Year Two Team
Helen Connor - Teacher
Jackie Glazzard - Teacher 
Ashleigh Chivers - Teaching Assistant 
Michelle Fair-Williams - Teaching Assistant 
Rebecca Thompson
 - Teaching Assistant 
Year Three Team
Lynsey Carr -  Teacher
Ryan Adams - Teacher 
Deborah Ackinclose - Teaching Assistant 
Year Five Team
Lisa Taylor -  Teacher
Hayley Cooke - Teacher 
Eleanor Anderson - Teaching Assistant 

Year Four Team
Kelly Sammut-Smith -  Teacher
Lauren Brown - Teacher 
Abbie Armstrong - Teaching Assistant 
Caroline Davison - Teaching Assistant 
Year Six Team
Clare Sowa / Holly Stevens/-  Teacher
Joanne McKeown- Teacher 
Lisa Jamieson - Teaching Assistant 

Joanne Carr- Teaching Assistant 
Learning Support
Alison Kemp - Intervention
Debbie Hanson - Phonics
PPA Team
Robyn Pollard - PE
Mel Elliott - Forest School
Lindsey Adams
Daniel Duthie - Technician
Jasmin Sample 
Tei Flynn
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