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At Stephenson, our aim is to make every child a reader and to develop a love of reading. 

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Class Reading


Each class spends time reading a book for pleasure. These books are chosen carefully for the year groups and are read by teachers on a regular basis to engage all children in reading, talking about stories and exploring vocabulary. Books are chosen from our Reading Spine, linked to our projects or from library recommendations. We make sure the book classes read are high quality, rich in vocabulary but most importantly capture the imagination and interest of the children.

Home School Reading


Each child has taken home a book from class libraries to read for fun. When the book has been read at home, it is to be returned to school and a new one will be sent home. 


Our aim and purpose of this is to just enjoy time reading a book and for our children to share a love for reading with family at home. It is important to remember that the book has been chosen by  each child, therefore it may not be at the reading level the child is currently working at. This is why it is important for parents at home to engage in reading this book with their child to support when necessary. 

Class Displays 


In every classroom we have a display dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the love for reading we have. Each child has their own collection displaying all the books they have read. These are to be passed up every year and they will have a library collection showing all of their reading for pleasure. The display also acts as a way to share reading ideas and is used to support recommending books to each other.

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