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Our Curriculum



A Dynamically crafted School - Our Curriculum Design.

At Stephenson Memorial Primary School we have carefully crafted a curriculum that embeds an innovative teaching and learning pedagogy, steeped in research, which reflects how the working world has changed in becoming an evermore interconnected global society. It is our moral imperative to prepare our community for this. The world we live in requires innovators, problem solvers, critical and creative thinkers and culturally aware citizens. it is our drive to prepare our children for a life unimaginable.

We are proud advocates of a project based learning approach, one that weaves subjects together in order to make learning REAL and authentic for our children. We challenge the view that deep knowledge can be gained from teaching subjects in isolation. Through our integrated curriculum we foster a deep love of learning through curiosity, research, investigations and links. Learning is driven by questions and the urge to seek for answers, in the quest to produce beautiful work. It is on the basis that we build the foundations of life long learning.

Our learning model is pivotal to teaching and learning practice in school, it has been developed using research from the EEF’s Metacognition and Self Regulation Guidance Report, Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction and further reading around retrieval practice and developing children’s working memory. It is used as a blue print for curriculum design to ensure constant recapping of key knowledge and skills in order yo create relevant links in sequencing concepts to achieve maximum success. 

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The Long Term Curriculum Overview is a snapshot of the curriculum coverage across the core subjects. The rationale behind identifying these subjects as our ‘core curriculum’ is that these are the subjects which underpin our termly projects; which are categorised into ‘precision’, ‘past’ and ‘present’. 

All other subjects are weaved into these projects, curriculum mapping has identified the ‘technical information’ needed for each subject and show the continuity of skills development and curriculum knowledge needed. 

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