We have taken the principles of the maths mastery curriculum and threaded this across all subject areas, in order to allow our children true academic mastery... learning at a deeper level. 

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Long-term planning - in Year 1 we use a bespoke overview, created using the PD materials, reflecting a priority curriculum. In Year 2 - 6 our long - term planning is taken from White Rose Maths.



Medium-term planning - S Plans are created to show the learning journey of each unit, they identify small steps, possible misconceptions, specific vocabulary and variety of representations. They are created using the PD Materials, White Rose Maths and the Ready to Progress guidance. S Plans are designed to be shared with the children so that they have a visual representation of their learning journey. Staff consider difficulties children may face and identify support they will need. They also consider how to deepen understanding for those who are grasping a topic or lesson more rapidly, further developing their ability to solve more complex problems












Short-term planning - Weekly plans identify specific teaching sequence. At this stage consideration is again taken as to who may find tasks difficult and what possible misconceptions may be. What might those children need need in advance to support them to access each session?  Resources are chosen that fit the learning intention, linked to representations identified on the S Plan.

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